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    Nina & Jay-Cee

” Nina Rademeyer” Head Tattoo Artist at Zen Ink Tattoo Studio tattoo artist johannesburg

Nina is a well-known Tattoo artist from China Beijing. Nina has won multiple awards within Asia for her original tattoo art work and outstanding custom designs. And her free hand tattoo work, Nina is known for her amazing line work and close attention to detail!

Nina has been in the tattoo industry for over 8 years, starting when she was 21 years old. Prior to that Nina studied at Beijing’s top University ” Beijing University” She completed a three year course on Human Anatomy. As her goal was always to become a tattoo artist and Nina clearly understood to become a good tattoo artist. One first needs to understand how the human skin and body works!

Nina also did a university degree in Chinese art; Nina’s father a professor of Chinese art at Beijing University also helped you to understand the culture of art.

Nina worked for her Master who taught her everything about tattoos for a couple of years! Nina’s master is one of the best artists in Asian; He helped Nina and pushed Nina to become the artist she is today!  Nina knows that learning tattoos is a life time dedication and even today Nina learns something new!

After leaving her Masters studio in Beijing, Nina decided to open up her own studio in Beijing, which is still running in Beijing and managed by staff she taught!  Her studio in Beijing has Chinese artist working for her and also foreigner artists from abroad.

In 2012 and her husband “Jay-Cee” Decided to move to South Africa. Reason for doing so was to promote Jay-Cee Business’s in South Africa, After spending a couple of months in South Africa, Nina was itching to Tattoo, Nina decided to open up another tattoo studio in Johannesburg South Africa! With her husband been the manager of the studio within 3 months! The studio was extremely busy!

Nina soon became very well known in South Africa for her amazing line work attention to detail and color!  People respects Nina for her honestly if something can be done it can! If Not it cannot! Zen Ink Tattoo Studio in JHB is one of the most cleanest studios you will find! Nina insists on only important the best equipment and buys only from licensed imports in South Africa!

Nina still fly’s back to Beijing at least three times a year. To take part in international competitions in Beijing. and surrounding Asia. There is nothing Nina enjoys more than to do amazing tattoos on people no matter how big or small!  Nina respects everyone the same.

If you looking for a tattoo artist in South Africa in surrounding Johannesburg area, you cannot going wrong by Chinese Nina to do you tattoo, Nina has years of qualifications in the tattoo industry she is well known, loved by all your clients takes great care with each and every one of her tattoo’s!   And Nina and her husband take great care of their studio and customers .



Nina loves her family more than anything else! and her husband and business partner Jay-Cee Rademeyer


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Co-Owner and Found Of Zen Ink Tattoo Studio