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Zen Ink Studio Latest News!

One of Nina’s client’s flue in all the way from Israel for this portrait style owl. It came out wonderful! Look at the eyes; Nina managed to capture the universe in the owl’s eyes! The detail of the feathers came out amazing!!!

Portrait Style Owl Tattoo

Microphone tattoo i did for a customer with a flower next to it, haha everyone says the color is so nice it looks like a sticker tattoo! haha also check out www.zenink.co.za for more info on tattoo and my work!

Microphone Tattoo with a Flower 1 Microphone Tattoo with a Flower 2 Microphone Tattoo with a Flower 3 Microphone Tattoo with a Flower 4

Here is a short Video of Zen Ink Tattoo studio located in South Africa, Johannesburg.

This is our reception area more videos of the studio to follow shortly!!

Sexy Kiss tattoo for a cute girl i did this weekend, kiss on her shoulder looked really nice!

Sexy Kiss Tattoo - Zin Ink Studio

I’m busy with, still have loads of work to do! even the top part not complete yet, but I’ll keep you all posted, as my client is coming once a week, should be finished in 4 weeks!!

    Here is a Very Unique Tattoo Tattoo Nina Wu did for once of her clients, the client is a graphics designer and wanted to put this on his forearm Nina was over the moon to do something so unique!!

    Very Unique Tattoo - Zin Ink Studio

    A free hand tattoo Nina Wu did for one of her clients, Client was a little concerned about the outcome, but once she saw it in the mirror she was over the wall!

    Lower Back Flower Color Tattoo

    Really cool tattoo i did that looks like a dragon! also it means dragon in Chinese haha, so not only does it look like a dragon but its the characters of a Dragon in Chinese too..

    Chinese Writing Style Dragon

    I client of Nina’s finally got the courage to come back and complete her foot tattoo, but adding the color end result was amazing!

    Beautiful Blue Foot Flower Tattoo