This brush style swan shoulder tattoo was completed by Nina Rademeyer, the head artist at Zen Ink  Professional Tattoo Studio, in Johannesburg, South Africa.
This particular client came all the why to us from Ireland, and what a load of fun he was.. Greetings to you Mr James Swan!
The Swan is more than just a beautiful bird; it is the quintessential being of balance and harmony. It is also a symbol of Transformation through Enlightenment. In the classic fairy tale, the duckling becomes transformed into a being of perfection – a swan – after it has learned to embrace its true nature. The ugly duckling “mentally transforms” into what he was destined to be. The Celtic tradition abounds with stories of kings and fair maidens being transformed into swans, either as a reward for their long suffering or as a curse from evil, greedy enemies.
Swans also have various other meanings and symbology attached to them that differs from place to place and people to people.
James wanted this tattoo to represent the pride he has for his family, culture and heritage. he was absolutely over the moon with the final result and we will be looking forward to having him at Zen Ink Tattoo Studio again in the near future.
Nina Rademeyer completed this brush style swan tattoo in a single session using a Professional Rotary Tattoo Pen, Elite Cartridges, Green Soap, Stencil Stuff, Hustle Butter, Dynamic Tattoo Ink and Fusion Tattoo Ink.
To see more of Nina Rademeyers work or for any additional information regrading Zen Ink  Professional Tattoo Studio, please visit or feel free to stop past our studio in Boksburg for a free consultation.

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