Realistic black and grey lion chest tattoo Nina

This black and grey realistic lion chest tattoo was done by the head artist of Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio in Johannesburg South Africa, Nina Rademeyer.

The lion is a powerful and mighty representation of many a things across all cultures and creeds. A lion tattoo can be symbolic of protection qualities, guardianship, power, purity, courage and bravery. People decide to get lions tattooed on their body for many other symbolic reasons too, all depending on their background and what point in their lives they find themselves in at that current moment.

This client came through to the studio with some ideas and images that he had been thinking about getting tattooed for quite some time and felt that Nina Rademeyer would be the perfect artist for him to capture exactly what he had in mind for his very first tattoo.

He wanted something fierce and aggressive to represent strength, loyalty and protection. Being a family man, the client really felt a roaring image of a lion was the perfect fit for him. He also wanted something symbolic of the Hindu god Vishnu, the one who incarnates in the form of part lion, part man to destroy evil and end religious persecution and calamity on Earth. Nina and himself discussed a few different angles and ideas before settling on the design that you can see in the image.

This realistic black and grey lion chest tattoo was completed in a single day booking and the client was absolutely delighted with the way the tattoo was done. Him and his family were great customers to have and we look forward to having them visit us again.

Nina Rademeyer completed this realistic black and grey lion chest tattoo using a Professional Rotary Tattoo Pen, Dynamic Tattoo Ink, Dynamic Grey Wash, Stencil Stuff, Hustle Butter and Freehand skills.

If you would like to see more of Nina Rademeyer’s work, or for any additional information regarding Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio, please visit or feel free to stop by the studio in Johannesburg South Africa for a free consultation to discuss your next awesome tattoo!

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