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Tattoo Blog Johannesburg

Sexy Foot Tattoo!!

Very unique tattoo Nina Wu did for a very pretty young girl. one leg was a little weird but that’s a joke between Nina Wu and the client.

Sexy Foot Tattoo - Zin Ink Tattoo Studio

Tattoo we did for a funny chap! also his first tattoo he took it like a BOSS!!!

Script Tattoo - Zin Ink Tattoo

Beautiful tattoo I did for a proud Father with a Ohm sign, was his first tattoo! looking forward to seeing him again for more warmed his ink is additive — at Zen Ink Tattoo’s.

Ohm Sign Tattoo

Yesterday did a small but a very small meaningful tattoos for a father, which represented a bond between him and his daughter!! please note i only did the Chinese characters i did not do the other tattoo on his shoulder.

Reads as follows Holly and Hope!


Small Meaningful Tattoos

Did two tattoos yesterday, and today i have another four bookings! i’ll keep you all posted with the artwork! Yesterday i had a terrible tattoo i had to cover up! end result came out nice! colors look solid now but once it heels! it will look very pretty can’t even see the old tattoo anymore! again if you need advice for cover ups or are thinking about getting a tattoo, even if its not from me please feel free to ask for advice when choosing a artist!

Had a really wonderful client come in yesterday with a awful tattoo done by another artist in South Africa! the tattoo was SO BAD it left scars!!  Took me 4 hours just to finish the tattoo on his back! but looks a million times better already! guys make sure if you get ink by someone else!! make sure the INK is REAL ask for suppliers name!!! check with supplier on website!!! INK IS IMPORTANT!!!!!!!

Tribal Back Tattoo Repair Fix by Zen Ink