Geo Metric Skull Kudu Tattoo

Fantastic Geo Metric Skull Kudu Skull Tattoo, done by Nina and Jaycee Rademeyer at Zen Ink Tattoo Studio South Africa, Rated one of the best tattoo studios in South Africa Johannesburg. Two beautiful French Girls made a book at Zen Ink Tattoo Studio, before coming to South Africa for a holiday. Nina and Jaycee sat down with the girls, to talk about the artwork, The French girls coming from France, were more open to modern tattoo ideas. We sketched up this drawing and within 1hrs we were busy tattooing the client.

Geo Metric Skull Kudu Tattoo had a great meaning for the girls, as they are peace workers in Africa and Kudu’s are only found in Africa, hence they wanted this kind of tattoo, they also wanted to incorporate flowers into the tattoo and also some Geo Metrics patterns, to make the tattoo pop a little more.

Geo Metric pattern can make almost any tattoo look cool, if its incorporated into the tattoo correctly, and correct geo metrics are used, the artist needs a really steady hand when doing these kind of tattoos, and their is NO margin for mistake.

At Zen Ink We use only the best inks, on the market for example, Fusion and Dynamic ink, all our equipment is clean, and only used once, if we are going to tattoo you in a private area we have a VIP clean room for our clients.

As always the clients were very happy with the outcome of the tattoo, and expressed their joy, Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio, Johannesburg South Africa, Prides it’s self in clean and tidy work, ensuring we only use the best equipment. And technology available on the market. Pop in and come check out our studio.


Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio South Africa

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