Black And Grey Realistic Demon Tattoo

This realistic black and grey demon forearm tattoo was done by Nina Rademeyer, head artist at Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio in Boksburg, South Africa.

To know and understand the meaning of demon tattoos, you need to be aware of a few things. Whenever you hear the word demon, the first thing that usually pops into your mind is a dark, evil, supernatural being, a cruel or wicked and inhuman person. From ancient times and across all cultures, religions and mythology the demon is thought of as a harmful spirit that lives below the heavens. The demon can represent and symbolize the following characteristics: rebellion, inner fight, satanism, anger and the balance between light and dark. Many people love the appeal of temptation, distinguishing the demon as suave and handsome, able to lure weak souls into temptation.

Many demon tattoos are not necessarily a representation of devil worship but rather the balance of both the light and dark balance inside all of us which we often struggle to control in our everyday lives.

This black and grey demon forearm tattoo is still a work in progress so keep your eyes peeled to see what this sleeve will look like upon completion.

Nina Rademeyer completed this black and grey realistic demon forearm tattoo in a single day booking using a Professional Rotary Tattoo Pen, Dynamic Tattoo Ink, Fusion Tattoo Ink, Dynamic Grey Wash, Stencil Stuff and Hustle Butter.

To see more of Nina Rademeyer’s work or for additional information regarding Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio please visit or feel free to stop past the studio in Boksburg South Africa for a free consultation to discuss your next awesome tattoo!

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