Binary Honey Comb Tattoo
This is a fantastic example of a truly original idea, geometric honey comb with binary code as one of the elements.
This piece was completed by Nina Rademeyer, the head artist of Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio in Boksburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.

There are few geometrical tattoos more popular than the honeycomb tattoo, and for a variety of reasons. These designs look fantastic on the skin more often than not, and there also happen to be multiple great meanings that they can represent.

What you’ll usually find is that people who have the honeycomb tattoo not only like the look of the design, they also happen to be fans of bees. After all, the honeycomb is considered to be the bee’s best creation, so it just makes sense that people like everything about it. In fact, you will sometimes even see people include a bee or two on their honeycomb tattoo designs.

This client had a great idea of including binary code into his tattoo which represents himself, his wife and his kids, what a great way to capture your loved ones without being cheesy and doing the same thing that everybody else does.

These are the kind of tattoos that true artists love to do, where the customer has taken time out of their busy schedule to do research and bring some different elements to the table that have been well thought out and carefully constructed. This client and Nina are also working towards a full sleeve on this one so keep your eyes peeled..

Nina completed this honeycomb tattoo in a single session using a Professional Rotary Tattoo Pen, Dynamic Tattoo Ink, Stencil Stuff and Green Soap.

If you would like to see more of Nina Rademeyers work or if you would like more information regarding Zen Ink Professional Tattoo Studio please visit or alternatively stop past our studio in Boskburg for a free consultation

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