Jay-Cee Rademeyer is the artist behind this clean bit of work, working at Zen Ink Professional Tattoo and Piercing Studio in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The Lion, which is the king of beasts, is a symbol of power and strength in various cultures around the world and lion art is one of the original tattoo designs which continue to remain a favorite among tattoo lovers despite passage of time. Like the animal, the tattoos based on the lion theme have been a source of fascination for the human race for a long time, which is why artists from all over the world have been coming up with awesome and original design ideas pertaining to the lion. These tattoos are eternally liked by men, who take it as a symbol of leadership and masculinity, but these look equally good when adorned on the body of a woman.
Just like the numerous flower tattoos, lion tattoos are also being associated to a number of cultures in the entire world. These tattoos have great significance to the ancient people in the Middle East, Japan, China, India, and Africa. As a matter of fact, lions are starred on some folklore tales and mythology from these places. A lion is known to be the “King of Kings” and “King of the Jungle”, which is why it is representing the royal blood individuals or those who belong in the elite society. To show their great power in the entire world, Egyptians in the past were making lions as their slaves. This animal was also became an integral part of those people who practiced Christianity. Ancient Christians believed that a lion represented Jesus Christ, and it was the protector of those weak animals just like God who protected the entire human race.
This specific client came from Sweden and wanted something that would represent strength and beauty as well as her love for African wildlife. She sat like an absolute champ and we look forward to doing some more work again sometime in the near future.
Jay-Cee Rademeyer completed this tattoo in a 2 hours using the following: A Professional Coil Tattoo Machine, Dynamic Tattoo Ink, Green Soap, Hustle Butter and Stencil Stuff.
If you would like to see more of Jay-Cee Rademeyers work, or would like additional information regarding Zen Ink Professional Tattoo and Piercing Studio please visit www.zenink.co.za or feel free to stop past our studio in Boksburg for a FREE consultation.

Jay Cee Lioness and flowers shin tattoo

10 thoughts on “Jay Cee Lioness and flowers shin tattoo

  1. Grace

    This is great artwork indeed. I can really feel the spirit of the lion in this piece. As a matter a fact, I like it so much that I may get this design (or a similar one) for my next tattoo!

  2. kate

    I agree that this tattoo exudes strength and beauty and depicts one that loves for African wildlife. As an African, I wouldn’t mind having this too.

  3. Alex

    I would love to have a lion tattoo someday. I want something that signifies strength and this is truly the perfect tattoo for me.

  4. Grace K

    This tattoos are masterpiece of art. I don’t have a tattoo so I don’t know much about them, but by just looking they look like they were done by a professional.

  5. Jimmy

    I like this lion tattoo and for me I will prefer it on a male than a female because it shows masculinity more when one adorned it. It a good art work on the body.

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