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Thanks for clicking onto Zen Ink Tattoo Studio!  Here you will find out everything you need to know about our tattoo studio!  Our Tattoo Studio in located in Johannesburg Boksburg! Just in case you can’t find our address on our website here it is again:

307 Commissioner Street, boksburg, Boksburg, Johannesburg, 1460

And our contact details:

Mobile & Whatsapp:  0761007963


For health and safety reasons, we keep our tattoo studio extremely clean!  We take great pride in keeping our tattoo studio clean at all times! The waiting area and design office we hover every morning! Windows and sofa’s get clean every morning with medical cleaning detergents! Same goes for the walls! And everything else we can get our hands on!

Inside the tattoo studio where we do our tattoos, is completely sealed off! There is one door and one small window! We call it our clean room everything is the tattoo studio is sterilized on a daily basis! From the chairs, tables, floors, walls, shelves, mirrors and just about everything in the room even   the lights! We do not allow eating, smoking or any kids in the tattoo studio this is NOT NEG! Under any circumstances germs spread quick and we want to keep our tattoo studio as germ free as possible! And for obvious reasons not KIDS allowed in the studio we have a stick no alcohol policy on the premises!

The whole studio in monitored with onsite CCTV and off site CCTV.  Before we start your tattoo we have a medical question you need to fill out, so we know a little more about you and your health!

We use medical waste removal company to take away our used needles and other equipment! We use an autoclave to clean all our equipment at the end of every day! We only use disposable items, for tattoos we don’t REUSE the same grips or tubes! Everything is new and we dispose of the old ones!  We meet USA, UK and East Asia standers for a tattoo studio! Which is higher than RSA.  We seriously take great pride in our clean studio and almost 90% of our clients that walk in say “wow this is the cleanest studio I’ve ever been in”

We offer our clients free WIFI and coffee while you are here, we have a roadhouse right opposite us which offers great food and delivered very quickly! We have secure parking for our clients with car guards that will look after your car while you are getting inked!

So if you are looking for a tattoo Studio in South Africa, Johannesburg look no further Zen Ink has it all, a great studio friendly highly qualified staff, great custom artwork and designs for our clients, very clean environment. Once you try us we are confident you will never go anywhere for your tattoos’!



Zen Ink Tattoo Supplies
Office No 4B Middle Floor
Cnr Leeuwpoort & Kaapstraat

Gauteng, Johannesburg, Boksburg, 1460
Office No: (+27) 011-892-4919(+27) 011-892-4919
BBM: 2863C6AC
Mobile No: (+27) 076-100-7963(+27) 076-100-7963
E-mail: zeninktattoosupplies@gmail.com

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