From a very young age, Wade was always attracted to the road less traveled. From alternative music, dark and mysterious artwork, to being mesmerized by old pictures and articles of tribal elders that were tattooed and pierced in an out of date National Geographic Magazine that was laying in the back of the school library. Artwork and music went hand in hand for Wade and that become the soundtrack to his life, a song that would never end.

Growing up Wade had a keen interest in ancient history and anything mysterious and esoteric. He made an effort to read as much as possible on these subjects, something which he still dedicates a lot of his free time to. The natural world was another subject that Wade could never get enough off, he has a keen love for all kinds of fauna and flora and will go spend time in the most remote and wild of areas any chance he would get.

After completing high school in 2005, Wade went on to study a degree in Music and the Performing Arts where he achieved an N6 in Sound Engineering, Production, Music history, Music form, Arranging, Vocal technique, Electronic music, and Keys. Wade spent 12 years playing in various bands which allowed him awesome travel experience both in South Africa and across the border. In 2012 Wade decided to hang up his microphone and move on to his next adventure.

Wade then went on to become a fully qualified level 1 Field Guide and Level 2 Tracker recognized throughout the African continent and then furthered himself by becoming a well trained Anti-Poaching officer who headed up and lead units in the Limpopo province and also in Mpumalanga near the Swaziland Border, spending over 6 years in dangerous and hostile territory protecting endangered species and resources with the help of well trained tracking and attack dogs.

After Wades contract was up he then decided it was time for change and stability and tattooing was something that he also surrounded himself with. Having been fortunate enough to have spent a fair amount of time in tattoo studios he was given the rare opportunity to do his apprenticeship at Zen Ink in Johannesburg.
Wade aims to tie all his interests into beautiful works of art that will leave his clients happy and wanting to come back for more.

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