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More about “Nina Rademeyer “Head Tattoo Artist at Zen Ink Tattoo Studio tattoo artist Johannesburg.

Nina is a brilliant tattoo artist from Beijing. She is one of the few artists in the industry who has gone above and beyond to understand and master every aspect of tattooing. By studying human anatomy, she is able to know exactly how we function, how our muscles move with daily tasks and how our skin reacts to different conditions. This means that she is the best artist to place your tattoo, she knows exactly where it will look its absolute best for years to come.

She not only studied Anatomy but art as well. Her father is a professor of Chinese art at the university of Beijing, he inspired and helped her master the art form, that she now holds a degree for. She has a deep understanding for the culture of the art, which made her love for it only grow. Nina always wanted to be a tattoo artist, which makes the steps she took to excel in the trade only so much more impressive. You can see that she’s truly passionate about producing quality work.

Nina previous work :

Nina then worked under a master in China when she was only 21 years old, he is one of the best and well know artists in all of Asia. He pushed her and molded her into the artist she is today. Although she comes from China there has not been a style that she has not been able to master, photo realism, colour realism, new school, ignorant, you name it and she’ll show you photos of where she crushed it. She completely submitted her life to tattooing, still learning, evolving and creating new styles. Nina never stops growing in her trade.

Her hard work paid off tremendously, as she went on to win awards for her outstanding custom designs and technical application. She now excels in freehand tattoos, which means that she doesn’t use a stencil, but draws the image directly onto the skin. Very few artists possess the skill and experience to tattoo in this manner. This technique makes sure that your tattoo suits your shape perfectly, as she uses your body’s proportion in conjunction with the proportion of the art. This ensures that no one ever has the same tattoo.

Nina quickly started her own studio in Beijing, it grew so quickly that it’s now being managed by students that she taught, both Chinese and foreign artists. She broadened her horizon and with her husband, Jay-Cee, and their son, they moved to South Africa and opened up another studio here, it’s none other than Zen tattoo studio. Within 3 months, the studio was already extremely busy, this power couple is on a roll!

They soon became very well known within south Africa for having an impeccable studio, they only use the best ink, machines and equipment. The studio is always clean and homey, you will feel like family by the time you walk out. Nina and Jay are the best at giving advice on what works and what not, they will ensure you get the best possible art.

Nina is still very active in Beijing, she flies back at least 3 times a year to participate in international competitions and visit her studio. There is nothing she loves more than to tattoo, no matter the style or size, she will put the same effort and dedication into every piece!

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By- Ninette Vosloo

Nina loves her family more than anything else! and her husband and business partner Jay-Cee Rademeyer

4 thoughts on “Nina Rademeyer Head Artist Zen Ink Tattoo Studio

    1. Jayde

      Nina is most definitely the most talented artist I have seen; I have a masterpiece – people stop me regularly to view the tattoo. I’m privileged to have met such a great person, with so much talent and such a beautifull, pure heart. (Jay – u too) I wear my tattoo with pride!! I would ONLY recommend Nina for your next or new tattoo!!

  1. Gomo

    Hi Nina do you do nipple pierce ? my friend wants a female for it,or can you recommend someone ?

    Do you guys cover stretch marks ?

    what is your advice ?

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