Jay-Cee ( Jay Rademeyer ) is the owner of Zen ink tattoo studio – the best Tattoo Studio Artist in Johannesburg South Africa. His work and reputation precede him, he tattooed his fingers to the bone before he could hold the title of owner of such a prestige tattoo studio.

Jay is a person who lives life to the fullest, born and raised in south Africa but traveled as much as possible, he even went as far as to study in London. His days spent there was purely to experience life, this is where he fell in love with tattooing.

He is passionate about art in all its forms but started looking up to American traditional tattoo artists like, Oliver peck and Ed Hardy from a young age. They were trend setters and truly set flame to the tattooing industry. The appeal of American Traditional tattoos, even today stem from bold, artistic, and classic design.

A modern twist on this style can even give a storm trooper a vintage flair, that will always look as badass as the day you got it. And you don’t have to have a knack for creating them yourself. Jay is an excellent designer that loves creating custom tattoo designs that will suite your craziest ideas.

Jay’s tattoos are packed with colour and has bold clean lines. This ensures tattoos look amazing for years to come, are legible from a distance and don’t get muddied up. He has years of experience and will ensure that you get the best possible tattoo when you walk into his shop. Weather it’s the placement or design he will focus on minute details and make it perfect.

That’s the difference between someone who wants to get you in and out of the seat for money and someone who solely pays attention on making a great tattoo.

He continued traveling all the way to Beijing. Where he met the love of his life Nina. Not long after that they had an amazing daughter together and came back to south Africa to build their life.

The Stylist.

Nina already had a tattoo studio in Beijing which came in very handy when opening their second studio. She and her husband Jay Cee, . They are a revolutionary power couple to look out for.

Jay-Cee not only specializes in American traditional and old school tattoos with super bold and dynamic images, but also in new school tattoos. New school tattoos are for the fun and adventurous type of person, the type of person who just enjoys life and makes the best of every situation. They are extremely colorful and expressive.

Every aspect of the style is over the top. If you are going to get a permanent marking you might as well go all out, release that inner goofball and let it be a reminder to never stop living to the fullest.

When going for a tattoo like this, using an experienced artist is crucial. With getting a new school tattoo, you want the colour to be as bright as possible. This is very hard to achieve for inexperienced artists, they tend to overwork the skin and the color bleeds out. An epic new school tattoo needs a lot of saturation and contrast to let that image pop!

Jay-Cee is also a piercing artist.

Body piercings had been popular for thousands of years, usually used to depict a person’s rank or marital status, but always used for its aesthetic appeal. Today we have hundreds of piercing placements to choose from, for no other reason than that we like it. It’s become a fashion accessory to add jewelry to different parts of your body regardless of gender.

With a shop praised for its hygienic environment, and top of the range equipment you know you are in the right place for your next piercing. Jay-Cee has been doing piercings for years and is well versed in the art. Getting a new ear piercing  is an exciting experience that you do not want to ruin with bad workmanship or cheap materials used.

One thing is for sure, Jay-Cee is a master at using needles, whether it’s getting your first or hundredth tattoo, or a new nose ring. He is the person to contact. He has the best shop in Johannesburg for this exact reason, clients return for that quality art. You won’t find a friendlier tattoo artist couple in the whole of south Africa. Jay and Nina will make you feel like family from the moment you walk through their doors.

Ninette Vosloo.

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