Since a very young age Froste has had an immense love for drawing, art and designing. With a sharp eye for detail, depth and what compliments what, he has come up with very creative and out the box designs and ideas. Being a graphic designer by day he is always on the forefront of coming up with great and creative designs. Doing Freelance Graphic design after hours he never seems to disappoint his clientele with spot on designs to their exact needs.

Froste studied Graphic design at Technician Pretoria and also did Interior design courses to expand his designing skills. He also dabbles in 3D rendering designs and does part time rendering work for an Architect.

With the love for drawing he gave the art designing tattoos a go and has been loving doing so ever since.

For Froste, putting pencil to paper and seeing a design come together is the most rewarding thing and an even greater reward is seeing the design being put to skin as a tattoo.

With an immense love for tattoos Froste has been getting a huge amount work/ink done by Zen Ink for more than five years. With getting all the work done the art of tattooing interested Froste in a big way and decided to take the step to his apprenticeship at Zen Ink Tattoo.

He started his apprenticeship under the watchful eye of Jay-Cee and Nina Rademeyer and showed great talent for the art of tattooing. Furthermore Froste always reads up and researches the art of tattooing to get a broader view in different styles of tattooing and the culture.


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