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March 2018

Freehand Trash Polka Tattoo back piece 


Getting a back piece is exciting and scary. There is no denying that you will have to sit still for hours on end while someone pokes you with a needle, but if by the end of your session your tattoo looks like this I’d say it was damn well worth it. 

Nina is an award-winning artist for her original artwork, she excels at freehand tattoos like this full back tattoo, that perfectly fit your shape and ensure that the art is a one of a kind piece that only you will have. 

You will often find that the tattoo community is a proud one. They take pride in their art that they wear on their skin and in the artist that created that art. I’ve found that it’s a strange concept for people without tattoos to understand. The things we choose to put on our skin are things that we love, weather its just the image or a deeper meaning behind it. We love our tattoos. 

Tattoos are no longer a restricted art form. It’s not just for bikers and sailors, its considered a way to express yourself, one where you show the world what you love, and hold dear. Whether it is delicate flowers to showcase your femininity or a memorial tattoo of a love one to aid in the grieving process. The love of tattoos has grown tremendously, because of the fact that it’s such a unique form of art. There is no limit towards what you can put on your skin. 

This breathtaking flower accentuates this girl’s back with finesse, the colors compliment her skin tones and the lines create a perfect balance. A piece like this will get a lady to solely shop for open back tops, to ensure it’s never hidden, because she knows she will always turn heads wherever she goes. 

This gorgeous watercolor design was done by none other than the beautiful Nina Rademeyer. She has a rare talent when it comes to tattooing where she is able to free-hand tattoos, like this beautiful color back flower tattoo for girls. This means that you get a true custom tattoo design. 

Nina is well versed in incorporating existing tattoos into a brand new one, where it looks like it’s always been one tattoo. She proves that an amazing back piece is possible even if you already have art that you love and don’t want covered up. She will merge those pieces like it’s nobody’s business. To be able to freehand pieces like this takes tremendous talent and it shows that she’s an artist that knows what she’s doing. 

Nina’s ability to design pieces that fits so well on the body never fails to impress. The proportion looks so well balanced that this tattoo accentuates her back and makes it look even more feminine than before. That is exactly what you want from a tattoo, to only add to your figure and highlight what you already have. 

With a perfect blend of subtle and bold tones to fit any outfit. Nina and Jay are amazing at giving advice on placement as well. Where you put the tattoo makes a big difference with the way the artwork flows with your body, they even take it a step further and freehand the design to ensure that it fits you perfectly. 

Too often artists mass produces a design like a sticker, there is nothing special or unique about something that was plastered onto your skin exactly the way they did to the person before you. Make sure you get an artist that will care enough and possess the skill to give each client a design they can be proud of. 

With an art form so rapidly evolving and growing more competitive you need an artist that is always at the top of the industry. You need the best tattoo artists in Johannesburg to design and apply your dream tattoo. Never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to an art piece you are going to wear forever. 

Not only is the artistry impeccable but the environment and equipment as well. A sanitary, well managed, homey environment is what you will find as soon as you walk through the doors. Only the best ink, such as dynamic ink is used to produce fine quality work.  It is used to create the deep black lining you expect in an amazing back piece like this. It creates that deep dark colour that will last and not look faded after a few weeks.  

Be sure to visit Nina an Jay for your next tattoo at Zen ink tattoo studio. You can be sure that you’re in very capable hands with them, where you can replace the fear of getting a new tattoo with pure excitement. 

Ninette Vosloo 

Best tattoo Johannesburg Peony flower traditional color Asian Chinese - Zen Ink Studio

Peony flower tattoo Best Tattoo In Johannesburg

Another amazing tattoo done by Nina Rademeyer. Her feminine yet bold application makes this new school tattoo one that will last. Nina’s amazing design ability to draw an astounding design right on the skin, incorporating it into any existing tattoo is something that will always impress. Notice the way the color pallet she used for the peony flawlessly compliments the colors in the rest of the sleeve.

To have an artist that will ensure every new piece that you add flows so well with existing art is a priceless benefit to have. This ensures that you not only get an epic new tattoo but that what you have looks even better next to your new art. I once met a tattoo artist that told me you don’t need to be able to draw to be a tattoo artist, you only need a steady hand and the ability to follow a stencil. Nina, bashes that theory like it’s no body’s business!

Without her impressive artistic ability, she would just download a design from the internet that has been done a thousand times and carelessly stick it onto the arm where there is space left. She will always do a tattoo that doesn’t just complement the existing tattoos but is placed on the best position for the art to work with the body.

A telltale sign that a color tattoo is done well, whether it’s an American traditional tattoo with a limited colour pallet or an over the top bright new school tattoo, is the way the color is evenly applied, there are no areas that looks blotchy and where it fades, it’s perfectly even and doesn’t look like two different tones next to each other. This tattoo is freshly done and there are no blood spots leaking through, even at the lighter parts of the tattoo. The skin is not red or over worked, this shows that the tattoo will heal faster and the intensity of the pink will stay just as bright. Too often artists over work a tattoo and it looks nice and bright after the tattoo is done, but the color fades as soon as it’s healed.

Having an artist that has this good technical application and design qualities is truly a rare find.

Nina and Jay like to collaborate with their clients, listen to what their ideas are and give feedback in the form of what will work and what not. When this couple advises against a placement or design, it’s in your best interest to take their advice. They take pride in the tattoos done at the shop, whether it’s a simple old school design or a realism portrait, they will always put effort into making your idea as flawless as possible.

Come into Zen ink tattoo studio with your amazing idea and get your new ink featured on the website. What an awesome feeling to have people gasp at your art and use it as a reference for something they want to get. If you have a majestic idea, make sure you have a majestic artist to make that idea a reality. Tattoos are forever, make it an amazing forever.

Shoulder Angel Wings Tattoo Johannesburg South Africa

Everyone at least once in their life has thought about getting wings tattooed on their back. Its one of those iconic tattoos that just never lost its coolness. It combines the idea of having a super power and being completely free. No wonder it’s such a timeless design for male and female alike.

Nina Rademeyer has tweaked this design into a whole new look. Creating a half sleeve tattoo incorporated into a piece traditionally only a backpiece. Giving life to the wings as they are connected to the arms. They are not just hanging on your back but moving with you as you do your daily tasks, essentially becoming a part of you.

The magic of tattoos come from the fact that they alter your body, even though its just a piece of art it changes the way you look quite significantly. The decorative properties that tattoos give, becomes part of that person. It becomes part of your image. What a wonderful age to live in where you can get pictures of what you like or that means the most to you, depicted right on your skin, for the world to see.

Nina Free-handed this wings design, which basically means she drew them on using no stencils. This is why it looks so perfect around his arm and back, because it was a custom Tattoo Design just for him. No one else will ever have these wings, it’s something you can be absolutely sure of with any tattoo, when you get it at the best tattoo studio in south Africa. Zen ink tattoo studio is serious about producing unique, quality tattoos, no matter the size.

She has a talent for tattooing small details, making every little feather look unique. Further adding to the exclusiveness this tattoo offers. Nina is an award-winning tattoo artist for her details, and this tattoo just confirms why. You want to get that WOW reaction from people when you get a tattoo like this, so make sure you go to the best tattoo artist in Johannesburg

that you are sure can produce that!

A quick sign of epic black shoulder angel wings tattoos is when your first though is to run your fingers over it to see if you can feel the texture. That is what you want from a tattoo! A work of art so amazing you want to walk around shirtless! The best tattoo artist in South Africa can give you that effect. She is a master in creating a 3D effects using texture and shadows, bringing realism into tattoos.

For any questions, quotes or concerns, pop into the best tattoo studio in Johannesburg and have a chat. They are always ready and willing to give you the best advice possible and draw up a design that’s perfect for you. Their immaculate studio and friendly vibes are enough to make anyone want to return again and again, and that’s not even mentioning the amazing tattoos that you get to show off after your visit.

By- Ninette Vosloo

Best full sleeve cover-up tattoo in south Africa. Free-handed!

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you have a tattoo that you can’t stand. Either it has lost its meaning or it was just crap from the very start. In this case you have two choices, either go for laser removal that takes months of follow ups, or visit Zen ink tattoo studio. The home of the best tattoo artists in Johannesburg.

Cover-ups doesn’t have to be a big black bowling ball as Nina Rademeyer has proven over and over again. She isn’t an award-winning tattoo artist for nothing! The idea that a huge dark tattoo could be turned into a work of art is mind blowing to say the least. She shows that even massive mistakes have hope of turning into something you can be proud of.

Nina did this custom tattoo design on the spot and drew it straight onto his skin, ensuring every line is exactly where it should be. This cover-up would’ve been nearly impossible to do by stencil! It’s a true blessing to have someone right around the corner at best tattoo studio in Johannesburg that possess the skill to pull of anything!

She is a master when it comes to illusions, where she uses existing lines to make it look like there has never been another picture before. This is exactly what a person needs especially when the tattoo you need covered is an ex’s name. She will turn that bad memory into a new opportunity.

Nina won awards for her creative designs, she can create art out of a mess. She can see a badass skull where there was nothing but regrets. It gives you a reason to get excited again! You do not have to live with a tattoo that you don’t absolutely love. Even if the lines are just faded and it’s started to turn murky, a quick rework will make it look like a brand new, shiny tattoo.

Jay and Nina are the best people to ask for advice when it comes to tattoos. They will always tell you what can and can’t be done and what you can expect from a cover-up. The best thing for you to do will be to ask! They are extremely friendly and will do everything in their power to give you the best result.

With years of experience in the field and hundreds of coverups to refer back to, you better believe Nina will sort you out! She is the best tattoo artist in South Africa when it comes to custom tattoo designs and technical application. There is no one better to trust with your cover-up. If you are looking for more examples of her work, go brows through her work on the site or on Facebook.

Visit the best tattoo studio in south Africa for a free consolation if you have a tattoo you regret. Don’t give up on tattoos just yet! Give up on bad artists and use only the best!

By Ninette Vosloo

Nina Rademeyer has done it again, proven that there is absolutely no style that she can’t do. She did this custom tattoo design for one very lucky customer. Dot work tattoos take a lot of time and precision to perfect, not a lot of artists will even attempt a design like this, but Nina goes and free-hands this dot work tattoo, geometric tattoo! The proportion and contrast are unquestionably perfect. She used shadows to create depth giving this tattoo texture and a 3D effect.

The combined style on this, makes it a Dot work, Geometric Tattoo masterpiece. The secret to making a geometric tattoo successful is balance. All sides have to match perfectly otherwise it will be immediately noticeable. Nina has a keen eye for detail that makes all her tattoos not only sit perfectly but is proportionally perfect to all other aspects of the art. That is why she is the best tattoo artist in south Africa.

We have all heard that an artist’s line work should be bold and clear, able to look clean as the years pass by. Get yourself and artist that not only knows how to pull a line as straight as a ruler, but can create full masterpieces by not using a single line. This award-winning tattoo artist is as versatile as an artist gets, able to make amazing pieces by using a wide range of techniques.

Patience plays a big role in both getting a dot work tattoo and making it. An artist gets used to a certain style and to slow down their whole process to create a new type of tattoo takes a lot of that. She used size, spacing and black/grey variation to create the illusion of lines and depth in this black Dot work tattoo, Geometric Tattoo.

Geometric tattoos are some of the few styles, like lettering, that fits the male and female image perfectly. It is timeless and elegant, it fits great with any clothing. This half Dot work tattoo, Geometric Tattoo will also work for a matching couple’s tattoo because of its diversity.

Not all tattoos have to have a significant meaning, it’s pure ignorance to deny the esthetic aspects of tattoos in this day and age. It’s present in fashion today for that exact reason. It looks amazing! Especially when you get it from the best tattoo studio Johannesburg!

Whether you want to get a tattoo for a special meaning or because you genuinely just think it looks amazing, get it from someone you can trust, like the best tattoo artist in Johannesburg. Never go for anything less than the best when it comes to something that will represent you as an individual. You want to be proud of your ink!

The best tattoo studio in south Africa invites you to come for a free consultation where you can sit down and discuss your wildest ideas with them! Just by popping in for a visit to Zen ink tattoo studio, you are one step closer to that tattoo you have been dreaming about!

By-Ninette Vosloo