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February 2018

Beautiful Color Back Flower Tattoo for girls!

“Tattoo’s aren’t feminine”? All lies! You just need this amazing tattoo artist by your side. This breathtaking flower accentuates this girl’s back with finesse, the colors compliment her skin tones and the lines create a perfect balance. A piece like this will get a lady to solely shop for open back tops, to ensure it’s never hidden, because she knows she will always turn heads wherever she goes.

This gorgeous watercolor design was done by none other than the beautiful Nina Rademeyer. She has a rare talent when it comes to tattooing where she is able to free-hand tattoos, like this beautiful color back flower tattoo for girls. This means that you get a true custom tattoo design.

The process of sitting for a tattoo could be emotional. It’s an experience coupled with pain, angst and excitement. When you choose the best tattoo artist in south Africa to design and tattoo your idea, the angst falls away, knowing that you will walk out with a masterpiece.

Nina is an award-winning tattoo artist, she is praised for her unique creative talents and has left her mark all over the world. She now resides in the best tattoo studio in Johannesburg- Zen ink tattoo studio. She and her loving husband Jay Cee, rule the tattoo industry by the tip of a needle. They are a revolutionary power couple to look out for.

This is arguably one of the best color back flower tattoos to mark someone’s skin. With a perfect blend of subtle and bold tones to fit any outfit. A girl needs accessories like this! Nina and Jay are amazing at giving advice on placement as well. Where you put the tattoo makes a big difference with the way the artwork flows with your body, they even take it a step further and freehand the design to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

Too often artists mass produce a design like a sticker, there is nothing special or unique about something that was plastered onto your skin exactly the way they did to the person before you. Make sure you get an artist that will care enough and posses the skill to give each client a design they can be proud of.

With an artform so rapidly evolving and growing more competitive you need an artist that is always at the top of the industry. You need the best tattoo artists in Johannesburg to design and apply your dream tattoo. Never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to an art piece you are going to wear forever.

Whatever you do, don’t miss a chance to visit the best tattoo studio in South Africa. Whether you want a micro tattoo or a massive back piece, they will completely shatter your expectations. They will make you feel right at home and have you walking out of there like a boss with an amazing new tattoo, that will have you constantly check yourself out in the mirror.

The pain and patience that comes with getting a back piece like this is fully worth it when the results are this outstanding. After months of daydreaming about you next tattoo it pays to have an artist by your side that can do this size and quality tattoo in only 15 hours. Nina is an award-winning artist for her original artwork, she excels at freehand tattoos like this full back skull tattoo to perfectly fit your shape and ensure that the art is a one of a kind piece that only you will have.

This guy was fascinated by the Native American imagery and style, he sat down with one of the best artists in Johannesburg and she was able to perfectly depict his thoughts and imagination into an amazing tattoo. Not only does he get to show off this back piece forever but he knows that it is a unique tattoo that is exactly what he wanted.

Tattoos are no longer a restricted art form. It’s not just for bikers and sailors, its considered a way to express yourself, one where you show the world what you love, and hold dear. Whether it is delicate flowers to showcase your femininity, a memorial tattoo of a love one to aid in the grieving process, or an old school skull that you get to wear forever. The love of tattoos has grown tremendously, because of the fact that it’s such a unique form of art. There is no limit towards what you can put on your skin.

Not only is the artistry impeccable but the environment and equipment as well. A sanitary, well managed, homey environment is what you will find as soon as you walk through the doors. Only the best ink, such as dynamic ink is used to produce fine quality work. It is used to create the deep black lining you expect in lettering as well as black grey tattoos like the skull back piece.

The beauty and awe that comes with this art form can quickly be destroyed by going to an amateur that does not require the skills to tattoo your amazing idea. Zen Ink tattoo studio is the best tattoo studio in Johannesburg. Where every artist puts their ultimate heart and soul into every piece that they take on. If you are looking for a simple geometric tattoo or a showstopper like this skull back piece, you can rest assured that the same effort and precision will go into every line.

Jay Cee and Nina are some of the best tattoo artists in Johannesburg and is clear by their tattoos. They are both not only amazing at tattooing but in design as well. Nina has tattooed in the USA, UK, NZ, Japan, Korea, Beijing and Hong Kong. She does breathtaking original artwork. Jay Cee is a well-rounded artist up for any challenge, his experience and art speak for themselves.

Be sure to visit these sweet, amazing artists at Zen Ink tattoo studio in Johannesburg, to expand your collection or get your very first tattoo. It will be a treasured experience.