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June 2016

Black Rose Tattoo Zen Ink Tattoo Studio!

At Zen Ink Tattoo Studio, Johannesburg we pride ourselves in trying something new.  We had a beautiful young girl who can into our studio who wanted a flower tattoo, the ones she had shown has had all been done before.  And we really wanted to give her a unique tattoo. Nina Rademeyer had seem something done before, but never tattooed here in South Africa.

After Nina Rademeyer showed her the design she had in mind, to the client she fell in love with it.  And so it started Nina Rademeyer started to draw it out and stencil it.  Honestly this is one of the most beautiful black rose tatoo’s i’ve ever seem.

We setup the table got all the tattoo needles required out ink, ink cups, tattoo bed, and all the rest that was required to get this master peace tattoo done.

The Black Rose tattoo, took two sessions 3 1/2 each total around 7hrs to complete this tattoo, but it was worth every min.  the customer was over the moon with her new tattoo!

Check out Zen Ink Tattoo Studio. for great tattoo ideas and custom drawings.