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May 2016

Choosing the right tattoo artist in South Africa!

The most vital thing you can do before getting a tattoo is taking the time to find the right studio and/or artist in your area. Loads of people just choose on a whim that they want to get a tattoo, and enter the nearest studio without much thought about what they are doing. Some get lucky and walk away with a great tattoo, and some don’t. Here are some things to help you along in making your decision, and to make sure that you get a tattoo you are going to be proud of for the rest of your life.

Take Your Time:

I know that getting a new tattoo is electrifying, and when you finally decide this is what you want to get ink, it is hard to wait. But this is not something to be rushed into. If you really want a tattoo that you are going to be happy with, it’s going to take some time. So, relax, and don’t be in a rush to get inked. Good tattoo studios don’t accept walk ins…. Why cause they good and people have booked weeks or even months in advance for their tattoo!

Visit lots of Studios:

Shop around! I’m sure if you were about to make a major purchase, like a car, motorcycle or mobile phone you wouldn’t buy one from the first dealership you walked into. Check out examples of the artists’ work, ask around, and take the time to just stay for a while and watch if you can. Ask to see the artist’s portfolio make sure it actually their work, not something they have found and printed out claiming it’s their work!

Scrutinize The Work:

You don’t have to be an artist to be able to tell quality artistry from a bad job. Whether you get a chance to view pictures in an artist’s portfolio, or see a live example, really look closely at the work. It’s easy to be swayed by pretty pictures. Don’t get caught up in this trap! Look closely at the lines. They should be smooth, not jumpy or jagged or shaky. Colors should be bold and filled in completely with no blank areas. Circles should look like circles, not ovals. Be objective!

Listen To Your Friends:

Your friends can be a great resource to you. If they have had a good experience, they will probably recommend their artist. And if they’ve had a bad experience, I’m sure they’ll warn you not to make the same mistake! Ask around. If you’re outgoing, and you see someone walking down the street with a great tattoo, don’t be afraid to ask them where they got it! Most of us love to talk about our tattoos.

This is a very important topic and i hope you all take the time to read this post before going to a tattoo studio that is NOT clean!

As silly as this might sound! overseas you need a tattoo license to open or even tattoo somebody.  And the Tattoo license is enforced overseas.  For example a local government official who is also responsible for Dentist and GP’s comes into your studio. at least once a month.

Without prior notifications to inspect your studio making sure that you are following all the rules and regulations set up by the local Health Department.

Remember tattooing and body piercings is like a small operation, we are going into and under you skin, we do make you bleed. IE that’s a small medical procedure!

Tattoo’s are fun don’t get me wrong but at the same time, the Tattoo Artist needs to be responsible for their actions just as a doctor or dentist is responsible for theirs……..

YOU as the potential client really needs to research your tattoo artist, and tattoo studio. for example walk into the studio have a look, ask questions, ask to see his or hers previous work! look at the pics, was it taken in his or her studio, or not….

Is the Tattoo studio a registered business.
Is it located on business premises, not in a garage in the back of someones house…
do they have wast removal certificates,
do they depose of the needles correctly..
do they use well knows international inks and tattoo equipment
Is the studio well ventilated and good lighten

Look at the small things and ask any question you want, just like when you buying a car! but with tattoos its more difficult because there is NO going back if you get a BAD tattoo, or terrible infection!!!

A dear friend of us wanted to surprise his wife with a birthday gift, she always wanted a Geometric lotus flower tattoo watercolor.

Oh the morning of her birthday, her husband told her she had to come to our tattoo studio in Johannesburg “Zen Ink Tattoo Studio” Reason he gave his wife was that she had to come here to our tattoo studio and collect a parcel, that someone had left for her.

When she can into our Studio Zen Ink, the bed was set out and tattoo needles, tattoo inks, and all the necessary tattoo equipment to start working on her tattoo.

She was really excited about getting her tattoo, she was almost in tears “not cause of the pain haha” but because her husband had gone thought all the trouble for her birthday, so she could get her dream Geometric lotus flower tattoo watercolor.

4hours later and her Geometric lotus flower tattoo watercolor was done, she was so happy with it, and was in tears again because she thought it had come out more beautiful that she had originally expected.

P.S hope you have your tattoo Nadine… and Gareth you a great guy for spoiling your wife rotten with her dream Geometric lotus flower tattoo watercolor.

Zen Ink Tattoo Studio South Africa, is always happy to see our clients walk away proud and excited with their new INK!!

Tattoo i covered up about 1 year ago, this one was a little bite of a difficult one to get the tribal to flow with it, as the customer wanted something really soft and pretty..

I decided to add lace to it, with a pretty flower, send result was the tattoo came out really nice and flowed well the existing tribal.

Customer was really happy with Zen Ink Tattoo Studio South afirca, after that basically i had to tattoo the entire family haha….

This was a great cover up tattoo, that came out really nice…

Best Cover Up Tattoo South Africa Johannesburg