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January 2016

Best Chinese Female Tattoo Artist!

This interview was done by http://www.kaixin001.com/ and translated for our English viewers.

Lots of people are interested in the body pointing art, which is quite understandable and reasonable, actually. There are a lot of beautiful and artistic tattoos made by the talented tattoo artist, but finding a skilled artist can be quite difficult. If you are careless, you may end up with a lousy, downright ugly, and bad tattoo – and the problem with a tattoo is that it is for life! Sure, you may be able to undergo laser treatment or therapy, but such thing isn’t only costly, but can also be painful too.

Always spend enough time to do your own research. It is better to take things slowly rather rush everything up. Take a lesson from what happened to a friend of mine. He had always wanted to have a cool back tattoo so he can show it off whenever he takes his shirt off. But without doing any careful (and smart) research, and he was falling into a trap of very cheap service, he had one done on his back, and guess what? He ended up with lousy tats; it is so lousy and ugly that he is embarrassed to take his shirt ever! He is now trying to collect money for the laser treatment. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t mess with tattoos. It is a permanent drawing on your skin, so make sure that you only choose the best and talented artist with proven work of art. Don’t easily trust anyone, especially fall into low price trap.

Finding the Best Artist:
Have you ever heard about Nina Rademeyer? She is one of the best female Asian tattoo artists from Beijing, China. There, she is a well-known artist with international achievement and recognition. He has won many awards in Asia for her work, including her amazing custom design. It is no wonder if she is considered as the best Chinese female tattoo artist that manages to create good names for herself and her studio. She is mostly known for her artistic result as well as meticulous attention to even the smallest details.

Her journey doesn’t start in short time. Everything started 8 years ago when Nina decided that her true passion was in the tattoo industry. When she was 21 years old, she realized that tattoo artist is her main goal that she wanted to achieve. And although she had taken Human Anatomy subject at Beijing University, she decided to learn about tattoo art to the master. 3 years of her Human Anatomy background was quite useful as the knowledge allows her to create artistic results by paying a compliment to the body structure itself. Understanding the human body and skin really have the benefits in making her the best female tattoo artist in Asia. After all, she understands art like no one else since her father was a Chinese Art professor in Beijing University, so she basically has all the needed skills and knowledge.

Her master in tattoo art taught her everything she knows, being one of the best artists in Asia himself too. After completing her learning, her master gave her a sleeve tattoo as a gift and also an honorary work for her outstanding efforts. Her master knows that Nina will be one of the best female tattoo artists in China, even in the world with her contemporary work and amazing skills. And the fact that Nina still wants to learn more about the tattoos and its industry makes her different from other artists who think that they are the best and they are being a know-it-all.

Starting New:
Deciding to turn over to a fresh new page, Nina decided to open up her own studio in Beijing. At the same time, she also accepts invitations for seminars tattoo events from all over the world. In 2012, she then decided to move to Johannesburg, South Africa with her husband, Jay-Cee because they wanted to focus on his career and business. But it turns out that Nina wanted to open another tattoo studio (the one in Beijing is still running and operating) in Johannesburg, and there it goes!

It turns out that business is booming. Customers from all over the world are willing to fly to Johannesburg to get tattoo service from Nina. And it is a good thing that Jay-Cee is helping her by being her manager because Nina simply can’t stop working with all the order waiting for her. She is no longer the best female tattoo artist in Beijing, but in South Africa as well.

Many Reasons to Like Her:
There are so many good reasons why people always come back for more. As it was mentioned before, Nina is known for her artistic skill and attention to details. Not to mention that the studio itself is run in a professional manner and courtesy ever. For instance, it is always cleaned every day, so it is only logical that all the equipment are sterile and hygienic. Guests aren’t allowed to eat or drink, and no kids are allowed inside the studio for safety reasons. There are security cameras and one entrance access to minimize infection or such thing alike. However, guests are pampered with WiFi and food delivery – although they can enjoy meal or coffee outside of the studio.

If you want to, you can also get free tattoo consultation. If this is your first time, Nina will explain everything to you in the friendliest manner possible. She will describe the details of preparation, the procedure, and everything. Another good point about the business that aftercare products are also available there, so you can have yourself inked and then buy the products without having to move from one place to another. Really saves you a lot of efforts and energy.

In case you want to look at her portfolio, she would be more than happy to show you her previous works. Whether you want to choose from the already existing designs or you want to make your own, it’s okay to consult her and she will provide her honest and professional opinions. So, ready to have yourself inked?

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