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November 2015

Tattoo Cover Up South Africa!

A young lady walked into our studio with a horrible tribal tattoo she had done on her back when she was younger.

She was really eager to cover it up, cause it was a mess to be honest with you, she was a young pretty girl, and the bad tribal tattoo she had on her back did not do her any justice.

She asked me with Tears in her eyes “Nina Rademeyer, could you please cover this tattoo up for me, I’ve read about Zen Ink Tattoo Studio and I’ve seen how good you are with covers up, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you Nina are the best tattoo artist to cover up my tattoo”

How could I say no to this girl…. I took my pen out and started to free hand on her back, before you know it her old tattoo was covered with my free hand design.

She looked at the mirror and was over the moon with the design, I did for her, a couple of hours later we started the actual tattoo, end result was it came out amazing….