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September 2015

Best Tattoo Artist South Africa!

Nina Rademeyer, Considered one of the Best Tattoo Artist South Africa, originally comes from China Beijing! Nina Rademeyer  herself and her family comes from a artistic background!

Nina’s Father is a professor in Chinese art, and History. Nina Rademeyer also has a degree in traditional Asian art, and graphics designs. Nina’s Father is a very respected professor in Asian, and his work is in some of the top art gallerias in Asian.

Nina Rademeyer as won a few awards for her artistic designs and is very well knows in Asia for her tattoos and original designs.  Nina Rademeyer goes as far as asking for your date of birth, the time you were born, the season you were born and so on, to incorporate a unique and meaningful tattoo.

Nina Rademeyer is now set to start entering local tattoo competitions in and around South Africa.  She is also planning on going to the US to enter a tattoo competition.

Reasons why Nina Rademeyer, is Considered one of the Best Tattoo Artist South Africa.

She has serious OCD “Good for tattooing, feel sorry for her husband”
Only uses Fusion Tattoo Ink
Diablo Tattoo Machines and Bishop Rotary‘s
Only uese the best international and latest equipment available on the market

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