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July 2015

Nina Wu Rademeyer Tattoo Artist!

    Nina Wu!

    “Nina Rademeyer” Head Tattoo Artist at Zen Ink Tattoo Studio tattoo artist johannesburg.

    Nina Wu Rademeyer is a well-known Tattoo artist from China Beijing. Nina Wu Rademeyer has won multiple awards within Asia for her original tattoo art work and outstanding custom designs. And her free hand tattoo work, Nina Wu Rademeyer is known for her amazing line work and close attention to detail!

    Nina Wu Rademeyer has been in the tattoo industry for over 8 years, starting when she was 21 years old. Prior to that Nina Wu Rademeyer studied at Beijing’s top University ” Beijing University” She completed a three year course on Human Anatomy. As her goal was always to become a tattoo artist and Nina Wu Rademeyer clearly understood to become a good tattoo artist. One first needs to understand how the human skin and body works!

    Nina Wu Rademeyer also did a university degree in Chinese art; Nina’s father a professor of Chinese art at Beijing University also helped you to understand the culture of art.

    Nina Wu Rademeyer worked for her Master who taught her everything about tattoos for a couple of years! Nina’s master is one of the best artists in Asian; He helped Nina Wu Rademeyer and pushed Nina Wu Rademeyer to become the artist she is today!  Nina Wu Rademeyer  knows that learning tattoos is a life time dedication and even today Nina Wu Rademeyer  learns something new!

    After leaving her Masters studio in Beijing, Nina decided to open up her own studio in Beijing, which is still running in Beijing and managed by staff she taught!  Her studio in Beijing has Chinese artist working for her and also foreigner artists from abroad.

    Nina Rademeyer wu Best Asian Femle Tattoo Artist Sexy Tattooed Girl Chinese 23Nina Rademeyer wu Best Asian Femle Tattoo Artist Sexy Tattooed Girl Chinese 4

    Nina Rademeyer wu Best Asian Femle Tattoo Artist Sexy Tattooed Girl Chinese 10Nina Rademeyer wu Best Asian Femle Tattoo Artist Sexy Tattooed Girl Chinese 13

    Tattoos have gone mainstream!!Believe it or not…it is considered as the coolest thing in teenagers and adults. Two out of five adults younger than 40 get tattooed. Have a look at this info-graphic to get different possible designs and the place to get inked for women and men.

    The info graphic also gives you the detail of the designs where to get inked and what will be its effect on the skin. Different questions regarding the tattoo are being answered briefly which will help you to have a good design to get tattooed. The graphics helps solve important issues about the tattoo machine needle, as how much it is inserted inside the skin. All this and many more issues are clearly explained through this graphics.

    Tattoo Infographic - Zen Ink Studio

    So guys, thinking of inking??…Don’t rush and regret (by possibly a pricey removal) go through the graphic once. And go for it…because it is really cool. All the best!!

    All the best any questions contact us Zen Ink Tattoo Studio Johannesburg, best tattoo artists and best tattoo studio in Johannesburg.

    Are you looking for the Best Tattoo Artist Johannesburg? Look no further you have found the right studio Zen Ink Tattoo Studio provides there clients with a unique tattoo experience!  All of our tattoo are custom drawn up for there clients!  Zen Ink Tattoo Studio in Johannesburg only using the best tattoo and piercing equipment.  Everything they use is imported from the USA and EU no expense is speared when it comes to the quality of products they use!

    Nina Rademeyer is  a international award winning tattoo artist who has been residing in South Africa for 3 years now with her husband Jay-Cee Rademeyer, in the three years they have become one of the most popular Tattoo Studios in Johannesburg!    Nina and Jay-Cee still have their studio in Beijing and go back at least three times a year to work and check up on the Tattoo Studio in Beijing.

    Nina Rademeyer, often gets invited to guess tattoo in Tattoo Studios in the USA, UK and Asian.  so back to the topic you looking for the Best Tattoo Artist Johannesburg look no further pop into Zen Ink Tattoo Studio to get your dream tattoo.

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    Best Tattoo Artist Johannesburg

    Best tattoo artist Studio Johannesburg

    Nina Rademeyer, is a Chinese Asian Tattoo Artist from Beijing.  Nina Rademeyer was trained by one of the TOP tattoo masters in China Beijing.  She studied under her master in Beijing China for several years. Before opening up her own studio in China and Beijing.

    Nina Rademeyer is considered to be one of the top female Asian artists in the world! Nina Rademeyer is an international tattoo artist and has traveled around the globe to guest tattoo in   studios. And learn about different styles of tattoos and also the meaning of different tattoos.

    Nina Rademeyer herself also has to sleeves that was done in Beijing, and another sleeve is been done by her master as a gift for her been such a great student.

    Nina is also considered to be one of the most beautiful Asian Chinese tattoo artists in china, with her traditional long black hair and fair white skin!

    If you are traveling to Asian you have to come see Nina Rademeyer she is the top Asian female tattoo artist is Asian.

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