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April 2015

Dragon Sleeve Tattoo!

Admittedly I am not the most tattooed person around but over the last 5 years or so I have had quite a number tattoos done by various tattoo artists from other tattoo studios and have reaffirmed my position that getting a tattoo is more than choosing an image from a flash or the internet then going to someone to get that picture or image permanently tattooed onto your skin.

To some this statement might be quite obvious, but to most, I am of the opinion that getting a tattoo is done as a means of fitting in, “everyone has one”, and in so doing no thought has played a part in the chosen image. Similarly no research has been undertaken on the artist who will inevitably permanently mark your skin.

In saying this, it is my opinion that, I have been fortunate to have had good quality custom tattoos done by the right artist every time; however one always has their favorite tattoo done by their favorite artist.

Best Asian Sleeve Dragon Tattoo Black Grey Traditional Old

For a number of pertinent reasons, which you will see below, Zen Ink Tattoo Studio has without a shadow of a doubt become the Tattoo Studio I would go back to for more work, time and time again, as their ethos is very similar to what I believe an exceptional Tattoo Studio should have. To expand further…….

o Zen Ink offer a welcoming, professional environment that does not make you feel awkward or give you that feeling you get when you should not be somewhere.

o Zen Ink do not offer the typical flash tattoo designs hanging on a wall in their studio, they prefer to take an idea and make it better, improve upon something that would otherwise be old and done to death.

o Zen Ink are a down to earth husband and wife team, not egotistical in anyway, that prides themselves on quality tattoos done with the best imported products money can buy.

o Time is taken during the whole tattoo process, whereby clients do not feel rushed or pressured into making an appointment, “If you are not sure, rather go home and think about it and come back when you are ready”.

I have only listed a handful of reasons, and have more to share but it is more important for those of you that read this review to go to Zen Ink Tattoo Studio to experience for yourself what I have and then draw from this your own conclusion, which I am almost certain will be a positive one.

“Proudly Ink’d by Zen Ink Tattoo Studio”

Eugene Cloete

From the outside looking in, I’m well aware that I don’t exactly look like a girl who’d be a fan of body modification. I’m just your average girl, small and blonde and relatively plain. But one thing that sets me apart from others, something that makes me feel like me, are my tattoos. I was a late starter, getting my first tattoo at 27., and it was only a matter of time before I realized that I needed to have more.

It was only a matter of time before I stumbled across Zen-Ink. I kept seeing the finished work posted on Facebook and the quality and skill was on a different level.

I decided after having my dragon tattoo on my hip that it was time to start a sleeve – a ¾ for now…

I searched the internet for ideas for a couple of months. Eventually I found what I was looking for, I gave all my ideas to Nina who helped me choose the perfect design and something that would personally suite me – Nina even gave me her own ideas which I loved.

Rose Gun Tattoo South Africa Zen Ink Studio

The sleeve consists of roses, with an antique pistol in between.

After drawing and planning, Nina worked on the placement and made sure I was perfectly happy before starting on the line work. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not painful at all – very enjoyable actually.

Once the line work was done, Nina started on the shading – slightly painful, but completely bearable – my dragon tattoo was really painful, so I was expecting the same. After 3 sessions it was complete and I am beyond happy with the outcome & I cannot wait to add to this – to be continued…

The hours spent in the chair go by so quickly when you have great company – I am fortunate enough to call Nina & Jay Cee friends and they come highly recommended, the professionalism and hospitality are on a different level – I will never go anywhere else.

Thank you to Zen Ink (Nina & Jay-Cee Rademeyer)