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September 2014

How To Train Your Dragon Toothless Tattoo!!

A Customer walked into our studio about three weeks ago asking for a Toothless tattoo, at the time it seemed like a really cool idea. However when I went to do a little research I soon found it was going to a very challenging to tattoo toothless as there was NOT one decent Toothless tattoo done yet by an artist well not any that I could find on google, yahoo or bling.

I had sleepless nights trying to figure out how I’m going to pull this off! So decided just to draw my own little toothless tattoo up and ink her, took us 5 hours to get her done but once she as on the customer skin the toothless tattoo came out really beautiful!

I mixed all the colors to get the style I wanted with the toothless dragon tattoo eyes been a nice green, and his skin also looking awesome!

At the end our toothless tattoo from “how to train your dragon” came our amazing! Myself the artist Nina wu and the customer was over the moon!!!!